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Bigfoot of Harwood forest

A solo wild camp in Sasquatch territory.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Skookum, Fouke Monster, Momo, Mogollon Monster, Yowie, Ban-Manush, Grassman, to name a few names…..

So what is bigfoot and where did it come from.……. The bigfoot is said to be an upright-walking, hairy like Ape creature that stands 6-9 feet tall and resides in the darkest forests of our wilderness. Some say that it’s a human ancestor of ours or some unknown great ape

No one knows where it’s from but sightings have been reported all over the globe. The Himalayan people call it the yeti, The Americans the bigfoot, the Canadians the sasquatch and the Australians the yowie. Some people believe they are not from this world but from another dimension. the only evidence people seem to have is footprint castings and sketchy footage/pics of this creature but no one knows if they are fake or real. There are stories from indigenous people that believe and have seen the sasquatch and have said to walk among Indian tribes.
The first-ever recorded account of the bigfoot was written in a journal by Jose Mariano Mozino in 1792. It was written when the Spanish and the English were exploring the pacific coast of Columbia to study the inhabitant tribe the “Nootka”.

Pacific coast of british columbia.

In his journal, Mozino describes a hairy creature that lives in the mountains, standing tall similar to a giant ape. It would desend from the mountains and terrorise the the local tribe. The Nootka tribe called it the “Matlog” .  Jose Mariano Mozino journal now belongs to the Beinecke Rare Book and Library Collection.

The original journal

Others say that these creatures are from another time or dimension coming from there world to ours through portholes…..for what unknown reason. That would possibly explain why no evidence of a dead one has ever been found.

One of the most famous stories of an encounter happened in the National park in south Oregon.
On the 1st of July 2000, Dr Matthew A Johnson was visiting caves with his family. Afterwards while on the trail Mathew needed to go to the bathroom for a number 2 (poo) so told his family to stay there while he headed up the mountainside off the trail to find a spot for a toilet. He found a spot looking down on his family so he could keep an eye on them while he did his business. While he was squatting and pooping he scanned the surrounding mountainside and trees in case of bears and that’s when he spotted it. Just on the other side of the trail behind his family, he saw something come from behind a tree on the left and walk past to the tree on the right. He said it looked back and stood there staring at his family who was on the trail. What he saw walked upright on two legs like a human and was taller than a grizzly. At that point, he pulled up his pants and raced down to the trail where his family stood and ushered them up the mountainside without telling them what he saw. He did not want to panick the children. After reaching the gift shop dr Matthew headed to the Park headquarters and reported what he saw to NPS Ranger Beverly. He told her he believed he saw a bigfoot. The story went viral across the media. Dr Matthew A Johnson carried on researching and investigating the area by himself.

Fourteen years later Dr Matthew Johnson invited Adam Davies and John Carlson to his bigfoot habituation site. In June of 2014, The three gentleman were camping in base camp and Adam Davies and John Carlson moved away from the camp to the road so they could have a cigarette as smoking was prohibited in the forest. It was at this moment they witnessed a light open up like a portal. They claimed they could see another world inside with red skies and out of this light stepped two small hairy creatures about 3 feet tall. They both described them with big red glowing eyes. Their flashlights seemed to keep these creatures back. Dr Matthew Johnson believes that Davies and Carlson had triggered a portal and the two creatures were guardians of the portal to stop any humans from entering. Dr Matthew Johnson also believes that the bigfoot can communicate telepathically, move between different dimensions and the ability to cloak and shapeshift.
Adam Davies and John Carlson summarize their trip to the Southern Oregon Habituation Area (SOHA) on Friday, June 13, 2014, just before Dr Matthew A Johnson.

One big believer who has described as having an encounter with sasquatch is the renowned tv survivalist “Les Stroud” also known as Survivor man

So…..my Story starts in a large spruce forested area in the northeast of England where i go wild camping to practise bushcraft living skills. Strange things seem to happen in this forest including wood knocks, strange tree-like structures made and half-animal carcasses discovered.
I had no idea that they were rumours and sightings of the bigfoot in this area until I started learning more about the vast forest and its history. More research led me to a YouTuber called Fellwanderer who investigates these woods believing that a bigfoot resides in these woodlands.
Through the youtube community, I was contacted by a gentleman called “Neil young” who claimed he had seen the bigfoot walking past a firetrap and had photographic evidence. His picture is below.

Neil young’s photo…left what he saw…. and right zoomed in

News spread and eventually the storeys prompted B.F.R.O from America to visit and investigate…………………………………….the link to that video below.

In the past I’ve heard strange noises here which I could not explain …..yet now I know them as wood knocks. I and my wild camping friend have heard a very distinct wood knock that was very clear and loud. Then one weekend I was hiking solo not far from the area and I actually found a large footprint….after that it got me thinking….is there really a large creature roaming these woods. Friends have heard movement in their camp at night and farmers have had livestock go missing so I thought it was time to try and finally find evidence of this mythical giant.

The footprint i discovered in the rothbury area

I decided to do a solo wild camp with a trap camera and explore more of the area.

The next day while exploring i did find some unusual tree structures and other weird things…..

One tree I found bent at a weird angle….What would bend a tree in that configuration and why

I recorded this video and my findings are in the video below……….. Judge for yourself.

Have I seen one……..no I have not, but I would like to know if they do exist?

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Hi folks Born in the northeast of England and a lover of our natural world. My passions are hiking, walking, wildcamping, hunting, survival, bushcraft. Many folks think im crazy and some envy me for the adventures i get up to..... but i always say. "DONT DREAM IT. LIVE IT.

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