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Kayak wild camp along the river

Hi folks

I started my trip in the heart of Durham city. My son Gary dropped me and my kit off at the side of the river wear where I got the boat inflated and into the water. I said farewell to my son and made my way down the river. I was amazed at how much the place was alive….birds singing and fish jumping everywhere. I even managed to get some otters on video.

I followed the river all day till I arrived at the spot where I could stay for the night. My sleeping arrangements for tonight was under a tarp and a three-season sleeping bag. It wasn’t forecast for a cold night and even if it was I planned on having a fire as rabbit was on the menu. I got my kit unloaded and carried my boat through the shrub to a clearing where I set camp up.

Once camp was set up i proceeded to collect some fire wood and get the fire going. It was such a peaceful quiet night with the owls calling to each other.

Camp set up and fire going
Rabbit for supper.

In the morning i had to get back on the river and head a few kilometres down the river to a ruined holy abbey called Finchale abbey where my son was picking me up. Watch the adventure below on my youtube channel………hope you enjoy folks.

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Hi folks Born in the northeast of England and a lover of our natural world. My passions are hiking, walking, wildcamping, hunting, survival, bushcraft. Many folks think im crazy and some envy me for the adventures i get up to..... but i always say. "DONT DREAM IT. LIVE IT.

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