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Cautley spout waterfall Wild camp

The fantastic four decided to climb Cautley Spout which is England’s highest cascading waterfall. It was forecast for snow that night and we were all wanting a good layer of snow as we love a snowy winter camp. We parked up on the main road close to the cross keys Inn and started our walk across the bleak valley that was created thousands of years ago by a glacial.
Archaeologists discovered the remains of an Iron Age farming community in this valley. The people who lived here were probably shepherds keeping sheep and cattle in small enclosures and remains of a field were found so they would have grown their own crops as well. They also discovered the remains of a stone path leading from the fort all the way to the base of the waterfall. It’s possible that they worshipped the waterfall or some kind of spiritual ritual went on because of this path to the base of the falls.

The Fantastic four ready for the adventure

The climb became very steep and followed the edge of the waterfall itself. I would say that this walk is not for the folks who don’t have a head for heights.
If you want to see this adventure then just go to the bottom of this post where you can watch this video.

Looking up to the top of the waterfall
Me and Rob
Trev, Daz and rob almost at the top

We eventually made it to the top and followed the red beck until we came to Andy Goldsworthy sheepfold. Just before the sheepfold I had a nasty slip on a rock and landed on my side……. I have a feeling it will be sore in the morning. We had plans to pitch our tents inside the sheepfold but it was a little boggy so we decided to set up just outside of the sheepfold………..and then low and behold the snow came out of nowhere……….. It was a cold night and I had ice inside my tent.

My tent covered in snow

In the morning we packed up and had the most stunning views coming down but my side was hurting from the fall I had yesterday………but it didn’t spoil the adventure. We managed to make our way down back to the cars safe and popped into the cross keys for a bite to eat and a coffee before we hit the roads.

The morning and time to pack up
Me and Trev starting our walk back to the waterfall start
The stunning view down into the valley
The glacial valley
Back down and safe
Having a coffee and a sandwich in the cross keys

You can watch this whole adventure right below……………….Part 1 and part 2

Cautly spout wildcamp part 1
Part 2 of our cautly spout wild camp

Thanks for watching folks

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