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Coe crags wild camp and the big foot footprint

Thrunton woods have to be one of the most beautiful parts of Northumberland with its high views of the stunning woodland and surrounding area

Pitched on top of Coe crag

Thrunton woods are supposed to be renowned for strange sighting of fairies, bigfoot along with other folklore stories. I planned this camp for a while and in March, I found the time off work to finally do it. I climbed up to Castle Hill where an iron age fort once stood. There’s a tale about this place where a lord started to build a castle here but his lady preferred her home to be lower in the valley so at night she sent a devoted servant up the hill dressed as a huge Boar to destroy all that had been built during the day. Rumours began that the spiritual world was against the construction of this castle.

Castle hill

McCartneys cave

I soon came across the impressive McCartneys cave. The cave was actually man-made…….for what purpose I’m unsure but I’m guessing another priests hole where the priests could hide. Legend has it that a 19th Century monk named McCartney from nearby Callaly carved this cave.

I eventually made it back down the valley and started my ascent up to Coe Crags where I discovered what looked like the footprint of a human foot but the size was huge…….bigfoot? … I don’t know but it certainly got my imagination going.

Unexplained large foot print
My size 9 half boot along side the print

I managed to get to where I wanted to pitch and got one of the most amazing sunsets……unfortunately in the morning, my camera got damaged as the wind blew it over straight into a puddle……….

Hope you enjoy the video

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