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Angle tarn pikes winter wild camp

3rd February 2019 This has to be one of the coldest camps I have ever done. I, Rob and Daz decided to go up to the pikes for a winter wild camp. The snow was deep on the fell tops and it was forecast for gale-force wind, freezing temperatures, and more snow. We met up in Patterdale at the white lion for a quick pint before we started our climb. The first part of the climb was not to bad and on the way up we got recognised by another walker “North Yorkshire Wildcamper” who actually watches my channel.

The top of Angle tatrn pikes
Freezing night looking at the stars
Check out the video of this trip

Temperatures that night got down to -8 and my water started to freeze. In the morning the horizontal snow came……it was that bad we had to wear masks as the snow kept lashing us in our eyes If You plan on doing a hike and wild camp in these kinds of condition then please make sure you are well equipped and that your gear can withstand the extreme cold temperatures…………

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