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Carlin tooth ridge wildcamp

Nestled in the forest of the Scottish borders is Carlin Tooth ridge with the highest point of 1807 feet. It overlooks the beautiful forest of Wauchope And sits alongside peel fell, the highest fell in Kielder. I and Jeff decided to climb this for an overnight wild camp. We parked just of the b6357 and made our way through the forest tracks. The walk is pretty easy going but we did a diversion and ended up heather bashing our way to the top of Hartshone pike where patches of snow were still around. We followed the ridge along but our view was hindered by low fog and cloud but it still looked an amazing place. There’s a small pond where you can get water as long as you filter it.

As we progressed across the edge the ridge the weather turned for the worse and the freezing rain came. It was at this point that Jeff made the call to pitch at the nearest available spot…the last thing we wanted was to be cold and wet.

we eventually decided on a spot just on the edge of the ridge and got our tents pitched and just in time as the rain got heavier. It rained for about half an hour we got a break in the weather so I managed to get a few pics……but sadly the low cloud was still lingering.

Nice spot to camp….shame about the views
My view from my tent

In the morning we were blessed with a beautiful cloud inversion and i managed to get my drone out and get some footage recorded.

We had a walk along to the trig point and then struck camp. On the way out we got a glimpse of a deer on the track feeding…. looked to be a Doe and very large……….. I have to say this was a great trip even though we didn’t get magnificent views Carlin tooth ridge is a magical place and I would recommend people to have a look for them self’s…………preferably on a better day. You can watch this adventure below………..

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