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One Tigris tactical harness

One Tigris is a company that makes tactical equipment from rucksacks to tents and pet equipment. I recently purchased a tactical dog harness called the “Beast mojo tactical harness” for my Plummer terrier and thought id do a review on this great piece of equipment.

A military style harness vest made from high quality 1000d nylon thats water proof, dirt and abrasive proof with UTX-Duraflex quick fasteners.

The Harness is suitable for dogs over 10lbs and comes with adjustable straps to fit varies breeds of dogs like a Jack Russell, Beagle, border terrier, french bulldog etc. It has functional velcro molle straps along both side so pouches can be strapped so your dog can carry its food, poo bags, dog bowl among other gear they may need. If your not keen on your dog using the harness as a carrying system then just attach your favourite velcro badges of moral or society that you belong to.


Neck circumference: 20 – 45 cm (7.8 – 17.7 inches)

Chest circumference: 34 cm to 63 cm

waist circumference: 31 cm to 62 cm

Back length : 22.6 cm

Weight : 185 g

Check out this video to see more about the One Tigris beast mojo tactical harness and see it in action


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