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Fire lighting kit (The fire nurse)

fire nurse lit

Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to get a fire going but everything around you is either soaking wet or damp and using the natural materials around you are impossible to work with……yes it sucks. lets say you have been hiking all day in the rain and your tired, wet and cold and need to set camp up. You get camp sorted but the one thing your missing is a fire…..your clothes need drying and you want a fire to get warm just for that morale…… boost but it seems impossible.

The fire nurse is a home made fire lighter that is water proof, you can drop it in water and it will still light with no problems. Each one will burn for around 20 minutes giving you enough time and heat to get some thin stick dried and a fire going. They are light and compact and cheap to make.

the fire nurse

All you need is a bit cotton wool, Vaseline or petroleum jelly, wax and a nursing pad what woman use when they are breast feeding.

Check out my video below for step by step instructions how to make the Fire nurse emergency lighter.

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