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Roll up dump pouch (Home made)

So you are walking along on a hot summers day and come across your favourite berry tree….the first thing you’re going to do is fill your pockets full of berries. Now if you’re wearing tight pants like jeans then that’s going to be awkward.

That’s why I came up with the idea of making a cheap homemade pouch from scrap materials. You can buy these but can be pretty expensive so why go out and buy one when you can make one at home that does the same job. Another use for them is collecting materials for fire lighting, for example, birch bark or dry grass.

the dump pouch strapped to belt
the dump pouch unrolled

Watch the video below for a step by step guide on making this kit

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Hi folks Born in the northeast of England and a lover of our natural world. My passions are hiking, walking, wildcamping, hunting, survival, bushcraft. Many folks think im crazy and some envy me for the adventures i get up to..... but i always say. "DONT DREAM IT. LIVE IT.

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